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Jan 17th, 2019

Why Should Someone Have Weekly Turfgrass Maintenance Done?

One of the first things that people notice as they drive by a house is a well-groomed landscape. Usually, one of the largest features of a property is the grass. There are many benefits to having a healthy and maintained turfgrass area beside it looking the best in the neighborhood!

Encouraged Growth

Weekly turfgrass maintenance allows the yard to be cut at the appropriate height to encourage internal growth which leads to a more full and healthy lawn. Zoysia and bermuda turfgrass love the sun and thrive as the sun gets closer to the roots. Mowing these turfgrass types each week allows the roots to develop internally creating a healthier grass. The growth in tall fescue can be incredibly noticeable each week throughout the year. Maintaining a consistent height on this type of grass also encourages growth internally making the grass stronger and more resilient in the warm southern summers.

Distributed Resources

As turfgrass is cut (ideally, taking 1/3 of the height off each cut), it leaves clippings that provide free nutrients for the lawn. The clippings contain many different nutrients—an important one being nitrogen—that are very beneficial to the health of the turfgrass, therefore, fertilizing the lawn.

Improved Aesthetics

When turfgrass is cut each week during the growing seasons, it keeps the lawn looking uniform which creates the aesthetically pleasing “curb appeal” every homeowner and buyer desires!

Precision strives to care for each of our client’s turfgrass using the best horticultural practices. We believe in using the right techniques—mowing at the appropriate height, fertilizing, etc.—to ensure the turfgrass is taken care of most effectively. Our crews remain the same each week to continue to cultivate both the landscape and the relationship with each client. We are constantly growing in order to fulfill our core belief of caring for both people and the earth in the best way possible.

Sep 10th, 2020

What Does Turfgrass Care Cost?

Since turfgrass care is dependent on the size of each lawn, there is not a flat price for every yard; however, We’re here to help you understand what the cost

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