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Jan 2nd, 2019

What Separates Precision Landscape Management From Most Other Companies?

Without sounding cliche, Precision Landscape Management stands out from “the competition” in many different ways.

First, we strive to cultivate life each day.

This phrase is something that we have coined as our overarching vision. As a landscape management company, we are able to nurture and care for the earth each day through our services. The other side of cultivating life involves our relationship with people. Our team members are a crucial part to the success of our company. We take the time to develop and genuinely care for their needs. One of the best parts of working closely with our clients is that we get to develop a lasting relationship that extends beyond assisting with their landscape needs

Second, excellent communication is one of the most important ingredients to our business model.

As we communicate with our team members and clients, we are able to stay on top of the many different issues that can occur with a landscape. It often helps to dissolve issues before they become major. We are proactive in our communication with our clients by informing them of the opportunities and issues that we notice in their landscape. It helps us stay connected to our vision of cultivating life.

Third, we take pride in noticing the small details of the properties we work on.

When someone drives by a property, they usually notice the bigger details—a healthy, green turfgrass, well-manicured shrubs, etc.. We provide value by going a step further by keeping an eye out for those small weeds, debris scattered throughout the property, or areas that are causing a problem for the landscape—drainage issues, turfgrass and shrub diseases, or other similar things. The details are what matter to us as a company and we always strive for keeping our properties looking excellent down to the smallest detail.

Fourth, continuing to create a sustainable environment is something that we are incredibly passionate about.

The benefits of taking care of your landscape are evident in a variety of ways—creating more oxygen, cleaning the air by capturing dust and other unwanted particles, and many others. We are constantly researching new chemicals that work more effectively and are safe for the environment we live in. An example of this would be our shrub application program which is bee-safe. All of our practices as a company are geared toward creating a better environment to live in and raising the next generation.

Finally, we care deeply about the clients that we serve.

Our clients are more than just an account that we manage on a weekly basis or someone that we finish a project for. Each person has other responsibilities and frustrations unrelated to their landscape. We strive to bring a positive light into every interaction that we have with our clients knowing that we have an opportunity to brighten their day. Our goal with every client is to develop a lasting relationship that continues to grow each year as we care for their landscape.

Ultimately, the difference that Precision Landscape Management offers is a genuine care for both people and the earth. We strongly believe that as we seek to live out our vision each day, we will make a positive impact on our community.

Sep 10th, 2020

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