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Jan 2nd, 2019

Bed Detailing

Most companies do a good or great job of edging and cutting turf, pruning shrubs and blowing off the property. One thing that I believe separates the good from the best companies out there is simple…the attention to detail!

In order for there to be a minimal weed presence on your property, it is wise to provide a weed barrier of some kind: mulch, pine straw needles, and landscape fabric or a combination of any of these. Without anything to choke out or prevent weed growth in planting beds, it is nearly impossible to keep a landscape weed-free.

When you are evaluating your landscape services, make sure to look at the little stuff. Here at Precision, we believe it is “The Little Things That Matter.” Yes, we have failed before and we will likely fail again. However, our training will remain consistent that our teams should be monitoring your planting beds weekly for weed presence.

Sep 10th, 2020

What Does Turfgrass Care Cost?

Since turfgrass care is dependent on the size of each lawn, there is not a flat price for every yard; however, We’re here to help you understand what the cost

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Finding a good provider can be a challenge. We are trusted by over 1,000 of your neighbors across the Upstate to care for their lawns and plants. Here’s what a few of them are saying about us:

"The guys at Precision do an excellent job on all aspects of my yard. They're always very responsive to any questions, and I've recommended Precision to many friends."

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"We are so pleased with our decision to sign up with with Precision Landscape. You all are professionals and our yard/shrubs reflect that care!"

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"They are very professional and detailed in all that they do. It’s been a real treat to be a client of Precision Landscape, and we would not hesitate to recommend them!"

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